Chris Sowers recently wrote about how to handle a toxic manager. Their advice is spot on. In summary:

  • Toxic bosses isolate you to maintain power. This has a big impact on your mental health so it's important to rely on your support network. Seek help and talk about the problems you are having. You might find other coworkers are struggling too.
  • Keep your head high. You are not to blame for being in the situation. Pick your battles, build up allies, and find a path forward.
  • Make a change. There is no silver bullet. Your boss might change behavior if everyone bands together and calls them out, but that's an uphill battle. In many situations, the best action is to find a new job.
A couple thousand dollars a year isn’t worth the toll on your emotional and physical health, relationships, and general well-being that your boss is causing. — Chris Sowers

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