Do you know what managers look for when hiring? William Anderson recently wrote about the things they look for in candidates. Here's how to make sure you nail that interview:

A candidate can know very little, but if they’re positive, clear about what they know, and know that little bit very well, I’m confident that they will be able to grow.

Understand your edges. Know where the gaps are in your knowledge. Don't be afraid to say what they are. The first step towards collaboration is being humble.

Asking for help during an interview is okay. Clear communication is important to a business and if you are unsure about something during the interview, the best thing to do is ask for clarification.

You might also find yourself in a situation where an interviewer has made a mistake. In that situation, be tactful in communicating. If they respond poorly, then that is a signal about the culture of the company. Don't forget that you are also testing the company to see if they complement you.

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