A flipped workspace is similar to a flipped classroom, where students are first introduced to material outside of school and instead get support during class. Allison Baum makes the argument that now is the time to flip your work relationship and instead do deep focused work from home.

They list some pretty convincing statistics including that, on average, a worker is productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes each day.

The building blocks of innovation—meeting new people, asking questions, brainstorming—are nearly impossible to accomplish in the office, so they get pushed to the fringes. — Allison Baum

Additionally, there are improvements in recruiting and retention since workers are evaluated on better metrics rather than time in seat. Do you work in a flipped workplace? If not, how can you make a change for your team?

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Now is the time to implement the flipped workplace at scale
Among its many benefits? Protection from robots.

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